• Microsoft Previews Gmail ID Sign-In
    Microsoft said its AzureAD B2B Collaboration supports signing in with Google IDs. The capability is now available in preview. 
  • L.A. Galaxy Star Tells Email Respondents: 'Renew Now'
    The L.A. Galaxy soccer team has sent a season pass renewal email leveraging the arrogance of its star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The subject line  says: "A message from Zlatan." The email says only: “You will renew now.”
  • Yahoo Is Scanning Emails To Help Advertisers
    Yahoo is scanning more than 200 million inboxes to provide clues to advertisers on what people might buy. But much of Silicon Valley has declared the practice off-limits.  
  • Email Still Achieves Results After 40 Years
    Email marketing is 40 years old. Kyle Hendricks explores the history and explores what’s next for the channel. 
  • Five Common Email Errors To Avoid
    Shoppers can be turned off by bland transactional emails, complicated unsubscribe processes and 404 error pages. Here is a list of common communication snafus. 
  • Gmail Creator Describes How It Started
    Paul Buchheit started working on email software at Google around 1996. But it was a “random project.” Here is Buchheit’s story of the start of Gmail. 
  • Behind The Sextortion Email Scam
    It not clear who was responsible for last month’s email scam in which recipients were threatened with having embarrassing Webcam videos released. But here are some promising leads.  
  • How To Ensure Emails Get Read
    Consumers get dozens of emails per day. But messages can stand out in the inbox—when the person’s name is included, and when there is a clear value to the offer.  
  • Anti-Marijuana Group Seeks Utah Gov.'s Email List
    Drug Safe Utah, a group opposing a medical marijuana ballot measure, sought the email list and other forms of assistance from  Gov. Gary Herbert. But Herbert, who also opposes the initiative, refused.  
  • Email Content Marketing Secrets And How To Use Them
    Email is often overlooked as a content marketing tool. Here are five secrets that show its effectiveness, with tips on how to use this information. 
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