• Emails Associated With Ashley Madison Accounts See Rise in Spam
    Spam emails sent to email addresses stored in the Ashley Madison database have increased exponentially since the cheating site was hacked, according to a new report from email security firm MailChannels. The company revealed that email addresses exposed in these kinds of breaches are a prime target for cybercriminals.
  • 73% of Emails Opened on Mobile in UK
    Seventy-three percent of emails were opened on mobile devices in the UK during Q3 2015, the highest rate yet, according to new research from Movable Ink. The company's quarterly report, UK Consumer Device Preference Report, also revealed that smartphones are behind these high open rates.
  • BlackBerry Pulls Out of Pakistan to Avoid Email Monitoring
    BlackBerry Ltd is closing down its Pakistan operations so that authorities in the country can no longer monitor its main business enterprise server and email messages. BlackBerry's BES servers are no longer operating in the nation for security purposes. "The truth is that the Pakistani government wanted the ability to monitor all BES traffic," explained Marty Beard, chief operating officer at BlackBerry, in a blog post.
  • Exploring Email's Carbon Footprint
    Sending 65 emails takes the same amount of greenhouse gasses as driving an average-sized car a .6 miles, according to a new study. The research revealed that the greenhouse gases come from the use of electricity powering the computer, server and routers. The report also revealed that the global carbon footprint from spam sent annually is equivalent to the greenhouse gases created by 3.1 million passenger cars using two billion gallons of gasoline in a year.
  • Most EmailIs Are Answered Within An Hour: Study
    Fifty percent of email replies are sent within an hour of being opened, according to a new study by USC Viterbi School of Engineering. The researchers examined email responses of more than 2 million users exchanging 16 billion emails over the course of several months, and also found that 90 percent of emails are answered within 48 hours of being opened.
  • Michigan AG Apologizes Over Email
    Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has apologized for sending an email to a political fundraiser from his official state account. He claimed that he sent the email from his personal iPad at home mistakenly thinking it was coming from his work email. "In my three decades of public service, I have never had an ethical blemish and I'm not starting now," Schuette said in a statement. "I made a mistake when I sent that email from the wrong account and although it was accidental, I take full responsibility. To avoid any misunderstandings in the future, I plan to use a …
  • FBI Tracks Down Major Russian Hacker Via Email Address
    The FBI has tracked down one of the largest hackers in history based on an email address that he used. The hacker had stolen the login credentials on 1.2 billion accounts, and while investigating the breach, FBI agents found a list of domain names and utilities the attackers used to send spam. Underneath it all was an email address registered in 2010 to a "mistergrey," which the agency traced back to a Russian social network.
  • Email Data of British Colombia Government Employees Deemed Private
    The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of B.C. has ruled that government employee email addresses are private. When met with information requests of civil servants, the government can deny to disclose email logs since this request would be considered an unreasonable invasion of public servants' personal privacy.
  • The Royal Air Force Promotes Unencrypted Email That Requires Journalists to Share Banking Details
    Britain's Royal Air Force sent an email to journalists inviting these website users to register for an account. The paid service required the recipients to send their banking details using unencrypted email to a third party. The email which read, "Journalist/media pros tracking news events? Use our site for info? Please support research to develop our site," was promoted through the Royal Air Force's official Twitter feed last week.
  • UK Retailers Are Failing at Email Signups
    Tesco, Apple and Amazon are among UK retailers that are not making it easy to sign up for their email newsletters. ClickZ analyzed the email signup processes of 24 UK retailers and found that most retailers weren't taking full advantage of this. Next, a UK-based apparel retailer, did however have a prominently displayed email signup button on its site.
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