• Celebrity Email Hacker Pleads Guilty
    Andrew Helton, a 29 year-old from Oregon, has pleased guilt to hacking into the Apple and Gmail accounts of celebrities and stealing nude photos from the accounts. He gained access by sending spam emails that looked like they came from the company's and stole login details. Actress Jennifer Lawrence and pop star Rihanna were among those victimized.
  • Google Updates Snooze Options on Inbox App
    Google has expanded the Snooze feature on the Inbox app. Users can now hit snooze on an email for "later this week" or "later this weekend." These two join the already existing choices: "Later today," "Tomorrow," "Next week," and "Someday."
  • Gmail User Creates Infographic of Email Exchanges With Exes
    Quantified Selfie is a new online series which identifies how people can learn about themselves from their online data. Forget Me Nots, is the first project in the series. The creator mapped her email exchanges with ex boyfriends and plotted the 1,924 emails from her inbox onto a visual timeline to better understand her love life from a data POV.
  • State Department Releases New Clinton Emails
    The State Department released about 1,500 pages of Hillary Clinton's emails from the period of time she spent as Secretary of State. The department will release another 4,000 or so pages by the end of the day Monday.
  • Louis CK Talks Opt-Outs in Latest Email
    Comedian Louis CK has written an email newsletter to promote his new TV series Horace and Pete. In the email, he makes fun of email marketing and discusses complaints about the lack of an opt-out function for his email list.
  • CloudMagic Adds Calendar Feature
    CloudMagic, an email management app that allows users to share and access files from Dropbox, now has a calendar tool. The calendar feature is available in a side menu of the app and will integrate directly with the user's Gmail, Google Apps, and Exchange calendars.
  • Yarn Lets Email Users Send Canned Video Responses
    Yarn is a new tool that allows email users to send quick video responses based on canned responses. The user has to download the app and then search the canned responds, such as "We're so excited" or "Sounds good." The app will then suggest a number of video responses to send instead of simple text.
  • Simple Emails Have the Best Response
    The best emails are short, simple and too the point, according to research from Boomerang. The organization studied 40 million emails last year to identify which kinds of emails get read and which don't. They found that emails which were simple and direct with a slightly positive tone won out.
  • Spark App Is Now on the iPad
    Readdle's popular email management iPhone app Spark has expanded to the iPad. The app centers around the "Smart Inbox" which is able to filter emails based on importance. The tool uses an algorithm to determine if an email is personal, a newsletter, or a marketing message in order to prioritize placement.
  • Gmail Android App Update Brings Rich Text & RSVP Features
    Google has updated its Gmail app for Android devices with new rich text formatting and instant RSVP features. The tools will now allow Gmail app users to add bold, italic, underlined, colored and highlighted text to an email. In addition, the instant RSVP feature lets app users respond to Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange invitations without having to launch a separate app.
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