• TalkTalk Email Service Restored After Outage
    TalkTalk, a UK internet and email provider, says it is back up following a Thursday morning outage. Many users reported that they were unable to log in and access their email messages. 
  • Marriott Sued Again Over Starwood Data Breach
    Marriott, already under legal fire for its massive data breach, is facing another lawsuit. The complaint, filed on Wednesday, alleges that the chain’s Starwood unit failed to protect the personal information of its guests. 
  • How Facebook Can Help You Grow Your Email List
    Facebook remains a preferred channel for reaching consumers. Here’s how you can use the social network for building your email list, starting with the placing of a sign-up form on your Facebook page. 
  • It May Be Time To Tweak Your Email Timing
    A growing number of emails are saved and read later. Here’s what changing consumer habits mean for the timing of email marketing campaigns and the sending of relevant content. 
  • Lessons Learned From Going Without Email For A Month
    The operator of a two-person business followed Life Is Good’s example and cut off email — for a month. And he learned some lessons, one being that email is addictive, although it doesn’t have to be.
  • Email Marketing Trends And Stats
    Email remains the top channel when it comes to ROI, lead generation and content distribution. Here’s a roundup of stats on how marketers are using it.
  • Traditional Channels Still Dominate B2B Lead Nurturing
    B2B marketers aren’t big spenders on digital ads. On the contrary, they 79.7% use personalized calls or emails to nurture leads and 64.4% to send email campaigns, according to a survey by Bob Design.
  • A Primer In Proper Email Etiquette
    The best way to prevent customers from hitting the unsubscribe button? Use proper email etiquette — be considerate of  their preferences, time and attention. Here are five ways to achieve that.  
  • SkoolBag Says Some Of Its Encrypted Data Is In Collection #1
    SkoolBag, an education software provider, has informed customers that their encrypted login credentials may be among the one billion email addresses and passwords found in Collection #1 by security researcher Troy Hunt. The company says that a limited group of its users’ email addresses and encrypted passwords are in the hacking forum. 
  • Microsoft Employees Suffer Reply-All Email Disaster
    Microsoft employees were ensnared in a massive reply-all email thread last Thursday. The incident, which started when a message was sent to 11,543 staffers registered to the company’s GitHub account, amused veterans who recalled a similar disaster in 1997. 
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