• Zillow Brands Uses Email To Serve Real Estate Market
    A case study in how Zillow Brands uses email marketing
  • When Google Launched Gmail: A Look Back
    Was Gmail a joke? People wondered that when Google introduced it in 2004.
  • How The Accenture Design Team Blows Up Silos
    Here are some design and training secrets of Accenture's Martha Cotton.
  • Seven Ways You Can Screw Up Your Email Marketing
    Email may produce a good return on investment. But not if you make one of the seven deadline mistakes.
  • Researchers Say Lemonade Flavor Can Be Transmitted Via Email
    Consumers who want to share the taste of a glass of lemonade will be able to do so-via email, Popular Mechanics reports.
  • Security Flaw Uncovered In Microsoft Office: Researcher
    A major security vulnerability in Microsoft Office, in which personal data is at risk, has been uncovered by a security researcher.
  • House Votes To Block Online Privacy Rules
    The House of Representatives has voted 215 to 205 to block Obama-era online privacy regulations.
  • First Lady's Name Used in Email Scam
    Spam messages sent last week using the name of First Lady Melania Trump. The message, purportedly sent by her, said she was waiting for the recipient to pay $180 to West African Republic of Benin.
  • Consumer Records Leaked By Microsoft.Com: The Daily Mail
    Microsoft's Docs has released credit card details, passwords and social security numbers on millions of users.
  • AI Better Than Humans At Editing Email Newsletters: Study
    A new study shows that email newsletters edited by Artificial Intelligence are more effective than those edited by humans.
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