• The Hottest B2B Trends Of 2019
    B2B marketers can’t afford to only meet the needs of customers—they have to anticipate them in advance. Email plays a critical role in the changing B2B content landscape. 
  • Pull Your Email Marketing Out Of Its Summer Rut
    Has your email marketing fallen into the summer doldrums? Here is some advice from Ryan Phelan on how to get your planning back on track. 
  • Are Marketers Ready For New Data Privacy Laws?
    Companies are not set up to sell secure software because they are not incentivized to do so. That’s one of the premises of an analysis in Harvard Business Review. It also says consumers are in no position to demand secure software even as privacy laws get tougher. 
  • Email Publishers Need To Build Consumer Trust
    Studies show that email response is dependent on subscriber trust. Powerinbox CEO Jeff Kupietzky explains what that means to marketers and how to leverage it. 
  • AI Is Changing Email Marketing-For The Better
    Mailbox providers are using AI not only to detect spam but to improve the user experience. Return Path’s Brianna Connelly explains how AI is changing email marketing.  
  • New Adobe Tools Are Aimed At Data Scientists
    Adobe has made new customer experience tools—Query Service and Data Science Workspaces—generally available. They should help data scientists feel comfortable working with data on Adobe’s Customer Experience Platform.
  • Websites Lose Revenue Because Of GDPR: Study
    Websites are realizing less revenue due to the GDPR, according to a paper from three academics. The paper, reported on in MIT Technology Review, compares numbers from before and after GDPR. 
  • Three Deadly Email Errors That SMBs Should Avoid
    Email marketing is essential for small businesses. But it is easy to go off the track. Here are three deadline mistakes to avoid. 
  • Hitting The Resent Button On Email Campaigns
    Resent emails should never been sent to people who converted the first time around. But it depends on how you define conversion, and the nature of your call to action. Here are three things to consider before hitting the resent button. 
  • The Basic Components Of An Email Marketing Strategy
    It’s not enough to send emails: There has to be a strategy to back them up. Here is advice on how to create an email marketing strategy and tie it in with sales and support. 
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