• 000WebHost Hack Exposes 13.5M Email Addresses
    The free Web site hosting service 000WebHost has been hacked and its database, which includes 13.5 million email addresses and passwords, has been shared on The Dark Web. Independent security researcher Troy Hunt discovered the data breach and alerted the Lithuanian hosting space provider. The company has addressed the issue and made its platform more secure, however, users should change their passwords, since the old data has been leaked.
  • Lawyers See Promise in Email Newsletters
    Email newsletters are one of the best ways for lawyers to connect with clients and reach prospects, according to a new report from MailerMailer. The research, which looked at 1.1 billion email newsletters across 34 different industries sent in 2014, revealed that law firm email newsletters generated an average 14.6% open rate, 1.7% click-through rate and 12% click-to-open rate.
  • Emails Sent Early in the Week of Thanksgiving Generate Higher Response Rates
    Emails sent on the Monday and Tuesday before Black Friday had the highest open rates last year, according to a report from email marketing provider Yesmail. Yet the research revealed that the majority of email campaigns (33%) were sent on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. The report revealed that marketing efforts on Facebook saw the same trend: while most marketers posted on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, the content posted at the beginning of the week had higher engagement rates.
  • Ukrainian Official Fired For Using Russian Email Server
    A government official in the Ukraine has been fired for using a Russian email service to conduct official business. According to a report in "Ukraine Today," Oleksandr Krevskiy, who works at the department of international cooperation and tourism, was using Russia's Mail.Ru electronic email platform for work. Krevskiy's boss said the practice could be a security threat and therefore warranted dismissal.
  • Ted Cruz's Super PAC Uses Email in Campaign Funding Raising Efforts
    Senator Ted Cruz is taking advantage of his performance at the Republican presidential debate this week with online funding raising efforts and according to The New York Times raised $1.1 million in the 24 hours that followed the debate. Part of the effort includes an email sent by his super PAC Make DC Listen. group sent out an email Thursday morning calling for donations. "The Cruz for President campaign will get 100% of your donation because Make DC Listen covers all the processing costs and fees," the email explained.
  • CloudMagic Lets Users Sync All Email Accounts in One Place
    CloudMagic allows users to sync all their various email accounts into one inbox across different devices. The app is user-friendly and even won the 2014 Webby award for "Best Visual Design," and counts more than one million users. The tool also allows users to attach files from Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Email Encryption Struggles Globally
    A large amount of global email traffic is sent with no encryption or having its encryption stripped off. According to a new report from researchers at the University of Michigan, Google, University of Illinois, and Urbana Champaign, more than 95% of email sent from Tunisia to Gmail has its encryption removed. But it's not all bad news. The report found that incoming messages to Gmail that include TLS protections have increased 82% over last year.
  • Nuzzle Lets Readers Follow Influencers Via Email Newsletters
    Nuzzle wants to make email newsletters easier for readers to build themselves. According to the company's CEO, Jonathan Abrams, he launched the service because "email newsletters are hotter than ever right now" but they require hours of work each day to build. The tool allows a consumer to sign up for an email newsletter for the people they want to follow. These newsletters will be automatically generated and will include the top five stories from that person's Twitter feed.
  • RebelMail Wants to Make Newsletters More Personalized
    RebelMail is a new email newsletter tool available in beta that aims to improve how brands communicate with consumers. The company has been making custom templates based on how consumers interact with each individual brand's messaging. These interactive emails include drop-down menus and photo galleries, as well as integration with e-commerce platforms. Now brands can use the platform to do this themselves.
  • Teen Hacker Takes Credit For CIA Email Attack
    A hacker claiming to be 13 years old is taking credit for hacking into CIA Director John Brennan's personal email account. The teen hacker goes by the name "Cracka." This agent told "The New York Post" that he had socially engineered his way into Brennan's personal AOL account.
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