• Email Scam Asks Recipients To Send Funds For 'Emergency'
    Police have warned about a scam in which victims are warned about an “emergency” affecting an acquaintance, and asked to send funds. The scammer personalizes the fake email. 
  • Design Rules For Email Newsletters
    Email newsletters are an effective marketing tool, but firms that end them with plain white backgrounds and black text are making a mistake. Here is a primer on newsletter design, covering color rules, images and white space. 
  • Vendor Says Email Tool Increases Client Revenue
    4Cite says its email triggering program Shopping Elsewhere has increased client revenue by more than 20%. Street Fight delves into this announcement. 
  • Sending Personal Data By Email Under GDPR
    The Guardian advises a freelancer that he is right to be worried about sending personal documents by email and possibly violating GDPR. Public-key encryption is solution. But there are ways to secure data and remain in compliance, it says.  
  • Pelosi Sends Email To Help Florida Candidate
    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has sent an email to boost Lauren Baer, a Democratic congressional candidate in Florida. "Now more than ever, we have a duty to elect accomplished Democratic women like Lauren Baer in critical battleground districts like Florida’s 18th," Pelosi said in the email sent through Baer’s campaign. 
  • EU Is Losing Faith In U.S. Privacy Protections: Report
    The European Union may be losing some of its trust in privacy protections in the U.S. EU officials are concerned about net neutrality repeal and legislation that would expand law enforcement’s access to data stored overseas, Law 360 writes.    
  • How To Build Sales With An Email Automation Funnel
    Small businesses can boost their email performance and revenue with an email automation funnel. Here’s a primer on how and why to implement one.    
  • Google May Allow Users To Tailor Email Conversation View: Android Police
    Google may be on the verge of improving its Conversation View, a feature that bundles email threads for continuity, so that it can be used in mobile apps for individual accounts. The function can now only be disabled for the entire app.    
  • Digital Marketing 4.0 For B2B Brands
    B2B marketing, including email, has been focused on driving visits to websites, but not on conversions. But with a more integrated approach, a company can send an email sharing meaningful content after someone has read a blog article on its site. 
  • Spam Scam Uses Name Of Stephen Hawking
    A new email scam offers prizes of up to U.S. $8 million for answering questions about the recently deceased physicist Stephen Hawking. The email, written in broken English, seeks personal information and a copy of a government-issued ID Card. 
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