• Gmail, Outlook Users Hit With New Email Scam
    Email scammers are using a new trick to victimize users of Gmail, Outlook and other platforms. They are sending emails that appear to be from brands like Amazon or Paypal, and saying that a large purchase was made on the person’s account. 
  • Email Marketing Strategies For The New Pandemic Wave
    Email volume rose during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what will happen now? There are signs of hope even as COVID-19 continues to spread. Here are email marketing strategies that can help in this environment. 
  • Advice For Hotels: How Privacy Changes Will Affect You Going Forward
    New developments on the privacy front will force hotels to rethink their digital marketing strategies. Cendyn’s Robert Schimmel explains why. 
  • How To Hire An Email Marketing Team
    Building an email marketing team is no easy task for start-ups: Typically, the founders are handling email themselves. Here is a guide to how to hire specialists in this area. First, you have to know when to take email off your plate. Second, you may want to consider an agency or freelancer first.  
  • The Case For B2B Demand Centers
    Big B2B brands like Microsoft and Intuit are creating demand centers, encompassing everything from the customer experience to email, to help them. Microsoft’s demand center brings together “all digital customer engagement in one global engine,” says Stephanie Ferguson, who led the creation of the center. Here’s an overview from Harvard Business Review.  
  • Tips For Writing Email Subject Lines
    Writing good email subject lines is no easy things. Here are 10 tips to help you write powerful lines each time out.  
  • Trends That Drive Stronger Email Marketing
    Email works better when it is properly designed. Here is what forward-thinking companies can do to improve their email, including use of color, text-only emails and user-generated email marketing. 
  • Email Marketing Both Helps And Hurts Sales
    Email marketing drives sales results, but it can also chase customers away. Here’s an overview of how email should work, along with research findings.  
  • Wanted Emails Are Landing In Gmail Spam Folders, Consumers Say
    Consumers are complaining that legitimate emails are ending up in their Gmail spam folder. Included are email newsletters, receipts and tickets to events. Here’s the story.  
  • Microsoft To Stop Supporting iOS 13 With Updates
    Microsoft has is halting Teams mobile support on iOS version 13 and below. There will not be any new updates, although the existing build 3.17.0 will continue to work oniOS 13 devices.  
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