• Re-engaging Unresponsive Email Subscribers
    Brands may have an email list full of subscribers. But they have a problem if people don’t open the emails. Here is a guide to reviving a stagnant email list. 
  • Email Saying Acorn Accounts Were Hacked Was A Mistake
    Users of the investing app Acorns received an email on Friday telling them they were locked out of their accounts because they had been hacked. It wasn’t true. Here’s the story. 
  • Where Should Personalization Sit Within Your Tech Stack?
    Personalization is nothing new in marketing. But where should the function reside within the tech stack? Here is an analysis of where the best place is for it to sit. 
  • China Passes Tough New Data Privacy Law
    China’s National People’s Congress has passed a law, greatly restricting how companies use data and adding more compliance requirements. The policy will be implemented starting on November 1. 
  • An Email Marketing Primer For Medical Spa Marketers
    Email is an effective tool for medical spa marketers. But how many are using it it to its best advantage? Here is a primer on email marketing for those that are new to the channel.  
  • Why Email Marketing Is Far From Dead: Drives Ecommerce, Search Marketing
    Email marketing is far from dead. For instance, search marketing is improved when email is brought into the mix. Here are the reasons that email is effective for ecommerce.  
  • Study Shows That Email Works For SMBs
    Email is especially effective for small- and medium-sized businesses. An infographic from Email Tool Testers, based on research conducted by the firm, explains why.  
  • New Privacy Protection From Apple Is Not Free to Users
    Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection will not be free. This points to a digital future where micro transactions and micro subscription fees are offered to users.
  • Best Practices For Email Marketing Design
    Brands achieve high ROI with their email only when they follow well-curated email marketing practices. And it begins with design. Here are seven design best practices that email marketers should follow. 
  • Five Email Takeaways From The Pandemic
    Email marketers have barely gotten through the 18 months of COVID-19, and now they must plan for a new year. Kath Pay, CEO of Holistic email Marketing, offers five lessons that email marketers have learned during the pandemic
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