• Does The Salesforce Essential Platform Work? A Review
    Salesforce Essentials is a pared-down version of the Salesforce CRM platform. Here is a review of the product, including both pros and cons. 
  • How To Create A Motivating Sequence in Email: A Lesson For SMBs
    Small businesses need a motivating sequence in their email marketing campaigns. Here are the steps they need to take to achieve this tried-and-true goal.
  • How B2B Marketing Will Change In 2021
    B2B is changing as brands focus on digital and increase their use of AI. Mohammad Tareeq, CEO of Valasys Media, predicts the key B2B marketing trends for 2021.
  • Tool Can Help Real Estate Agents Write Better Emails: Analysis
    Lavender, a browser extension tool, can help real estate agents write more confident emails and increase their open rates. Here is a report on how it works.
  • Why BOPAC Should Be A Key Part Of The Customer Experience
    Curbside pickup of online orders (also known as BOPAC) spiked during the pandemic. Here is why it should be a critical part of the customer experience, and why it’s going to grow. 
  • Consumers Urged To Beware Of Stimulus Check Scams
    American consumers have lost over $211 million in COVID-19-related scams, the Federal Trade Commission reports. And now they stand to lose more as bad actors exploit anticipation over stimulus checks. Here are five common stimulus check scams. 
  • Direct Mail Is The Anti-Email: Opinion
    Email marketers face a great wall — everyone with an email address has a ton of bricks in their inbox. But postal boxes are far from overcrowded — that’s why direct mail is the anti-email. 
  • Apple Fixes Privacy Bug In Hearing Study
    Apple allegedly collected historical data on hearing study participants without asking for consent. Apple says the bug has been fixed. 
  • Four Common Email Attribution Errors
    With multiple touchpoints in play, it is not always easy to attribute sales to email marketing. Here are four common email attribution errors, starting with reliance on offer codes
  • Fashion Retailers Look Forward To 2021
    Retailers had a tough year in 2020, and industry events like Fashion Week will be conducted virtually. but many firms are optimistic about the new year. Some will continue to rely on social media and email marketing.
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