• Return Path CMO Advises Marketers To 'Cut Through The Noise'
    Insights on marketing and technology from Return Path CMO Daniel Incandela
  • FTC May Pull Back On Can-Spam And Other Rules
    Can-Spam is only one of several rules now being reviewed for possible tossing by the FTC. Have you ever heard of the Picture Tube Rule? That's on the docket, too.
  • Malware Attack Aimed Largely At Industrial Targets
    Was this week's cyber attack designed mostly to bring down industrial targets? Kaspersky Labs thinks so.
  • UK Retail Chain Will Delete Email List And Stop Using The Channel
    J.D. Wetherspoons has informed customers that it will no longer market via email.
  • Publications Can Use Email Instead of Paywalls To Drive Subs
    Top publications have an alternative to paywalls to drive subscriptions: Email marketing.
  • Tips For Retailers On How To Avoid Unsubscribes
    Retailers risk alienating customers by sending too much email. Here are some suggestions from Retail Touchpoints on how to avoid that.
  • Salesforce Can Now Help You Tell If Emails Are Nasty
    Can you believe it? Einstein Sentiment, a new offering from Salesforce, allows developers to classify emails and tweets by tone.
  • Sigstr Unveils Account-Based Marketing Email Feature
    Sigstr is offering a new functionality that supports the sending of tailored content.
  • The Three-Mile Journey To Email ROI
    Email campaigns must be mobile, automated and personalized.
  • Less Than 1% Of UK Charities Are Safe From Email Fraud
    Study finds than 1% of charitable groups in the UK have armed themselves against phishing attacks.
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