• Tool Detects AI-Generated Text, Company Says
    OpenAI is offering a tool that would allow users to detect AI-generated text and distinguish it from content written by a human. The tool has only a modest success rate, but the company says it can help prevent abuse of AI-text generation.    
  • ChatGPT's Role In Driving Online Conversions
    ChatGPT can write marketing copy and generate code, among other uses. But can it drive sales? Here is an overview of how ChatGPT furthers ecommerce conversions.
  • A Guide To Using Referral Marketing
    Referral marketing is a form of advertising that encourages customers to recommend a brand’s products and services to other people. Here is a primer on what referral marketing is and how to use it successfully. 
  • Microsoft Outlook Back Online After Wednesday Outage
    Mitcrosoft Outlook suffered an outage on Wednesday, but the service quickly recovered. Teams and Azure were also affected.  
  • AI Tools For Creating Marketing Emails
    Email marketers have a generous selection of AI tools to use in creating emails. Here is a roster of some AI solutions that can help in the writing of emails and conversion of website traffic into potential email subscribers. 
  • A Guide To Using Loss Aversion In Email Campaigns
    Nobody wants loss and pain, and helping people avoid them can be a potent motivating force in email campaigns. Here is a guide to using this psychological approach, with four examples. 
  • Streaming Subscriptions Least Likely Subs To Be Cut
    A study by Forbes found that 83% of consumers don’t conduct regular reviews of their digital subscriptions. That said, the most important subscriptions are those for streaming, music and live TV. Self-improvement and personal care subscriptions are most likely to be cut. 
  • Email Newsletter From Biden's HBCU Promotes Wells Fargo Products
    The Biden administration’s Department of Education sent an email in support of Black colleges that featured content written by Wells Fargo, linked to promotional material for the brand. The email newsletter for the department’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities was later resent without the content. 
  • B2B Brands Should Adopt Causes Larger Than Themselves
    B2B brands are less likely than B2C to support local or global causes connected to societal value. But they can and should: Here is a guide to how B2B companies can contribute to something bigger.   
  • Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Response
    Email marketing is an effective, low-cost tool, and it can be used by putting a few pieces in place. Here are five tips for improving your email marketing response rate.  
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