• App Users Hit With 'Spammy' Fake Reviews
    Gmail and Chrome users are among the victims in a spam deluge of fake app reviews, The NextWeb reports.
  • MailChimp Offers Crushed-Up Potato Chips
    MailChimp is an email marketing company, has entered the potato chip business with a product called Fail Chips, made up of crushed-up chips. The promotional effort is a play on the way people mispronounce MailChimp's name. The chips are made by Snyder's of Hanover.
  • Business2Community.com Rates Email Platforms
    Feel free to disagree. But Busines2Community.com has selected what it calls "The 3 Best Email Marketing Platforms To Engage Your Audience."
  • Social Media Ads Best Way To Grow Email Lists: Survey
    Social media advertising is the most effective tactic for growing email lists, Ascend2 found in a survey of 235 marketers.
  • Google Will Shutter Google Talk In Favor Of Hangouts
    Google will shut down its chatting service Google Talk and replace it with Google Hangouts, effective June 26.
  • TechStyle Uses Data Trove To Drive Email
    TechStyle, an online fashion marketer, is using its vast data trove to personalize email to customers, DM News reports.
  • Harvard Exec Says There Are No More Email Security Issues
    A month after the news broke that Harvard Computer Society mailing lists were open to the public, HCS President Jason T. Goodman said there are no remaining security issues, The Harvard Crimson reported.
  • Americans Constantly Check Email and Social Media Accounts
    Nine out of ten Americans incessantly check their email, texts and social media accounts, the American Psychological Association found in a survey.
  • FCC Approves Robocall Block Rule
    The Federal Communications Commission passed a rule on Thursday that would let phone companies block robocalls from firms that spoof phone numbers.
  • Senate Votes To Kill Some Some Online Privacy Rules
    The U.S. Senate voted on Thursday to repeal rules that protect consumers' online data from their Internet providers.
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