• Encrypted Gmail Alternative Draws Signups In Europe
    Tutanota, an encrypted email service alternative to Gmail, is getting rising signups, TechCrunch reports.
  • FCC Votes Today On Measure To Block Robocalls
    The FCC will vote today on a proposal to give phone companies greater latitude in blocking spoofed robocalls.
  • Kinetic Email Raises Open And Clickthrough Rates: Experian
    Kinetic email, a form of email that simulates the website experience without the recipient having to leave the inbox, can raise unique click rates by up to 18.3%, Experian found in a survey.
  • Two U.S. Tech Firms Conned In Alleged Email Phishing Scam
    Evaldas Rimasauskas, an alleged phishing artist has been arrested in Lithuania and charged with tricking two US technology firms into wiring him $100m (GBP80.3m) through an email phishing scam, BBC reports.
  • Net Privacy Rollback Hotly Debated in Senate
    The Senate resolution to roll back the FCC's privacy rules may not be a sure thing. It is being hotly debated, with many Senators saying it's a bad idea, according to TechCrunch.
  • A Primer On Permission-Based Email Marketing
    Email is a medium built on trust. Here's a primer on the best practices for permission-based email marketing, as defined by Seth Godin.
  • LinkedIn to Offer Email-Based Targeting Service
    LinkedIn plans to introduce a service called Matched Audiences that will allow marketers to target users based on their email address.
  • Microsoft Outlook Suffers Global Outage
    Microsoft's Outlook email service went down yesterday, affecting users around the globe.
  • Laptops And Tablets Banned On Some Flights From Mideast
    Great Britain and the United States will prohibit travelers from several Mideastern countries from using laptops, tablets and other electronic devices on board.
  • IOT Expected to Pull $6 Trillion In Investment By 2010
    Investors are expected to have poured $6 trillion into the Internet of Things between 2015 and 2020, enterprise pulling the majority of this sum.
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