• Kato.im Launches New Collaboration Tool
    Kato.im has launched a new collaboration tool which hopes to change how companies organizes tasks. The app based collaboration tool aims to turn email on its head by delivering real time collaboration tools to different teams which inludes chat, group messaging, file sharing and search all within one dashboard.
  • Microsoft Targets Politicians With Email Privacy Message in Full Page Ads in Popular Beach Towns
    While American law makers are on vacation this week, they won't be getting away from Microsoft's privacy campaign. The tech giant has taken out full page ads in weekly newspapers in Rehoboth Beach, Martha's Vineyard and North Carolina's Outer Banks. The message pushes Microsoft's pro-privacy in email agenda. "Checking email from the beach, Washington?" read the ad in the ad. "Then you may be just as concerned as most Americans about who has access to your emails saved in the cloud."
  • Oregon Community College Professor Bans Emails From Students
    Spring-Serenity Duvall, assistant professor of communications at Salem College, is no longer accepting emails from students. In a blog post, she revealed that the exchanges were unproductive. "For years, student emails have been an assault on professors, sometimes with inappropriate informality, sometimes just simply not understanding that professors should not have to respond immediately," she wrote.
  • The Majority of Emails Sent From Gmail Are Now Encrypted
    Google has released new data revealing that 75 percent of outbound messages sent through Gmail are encrypted. The data also revealed that 55 percent of those emails received into Gmail inboxes were also encrypted. This is an increase from earlier this summer. In June, Google revealed that only 50 percent of email exchanges were encrypted.
  • Gmail Android App Weakness Exposed in Researcher Hack
    Researchers at the Usenix cybersecurity conference have revealed that they have been able to hack into Gmail's Android app with a 92 percent success rate. The findings were revealed in a paper that was published last week. The researchers also revealed that they could hack into Chase's mobile app and steal images of scanned checks with 83 percent accuracy, and hack into H&R Block's Android app to access social security numbers with a 92 percent success rate.
  • Ohio State is Redesigning Its Email System to Make it More Mobile Friendly
    Ohio State is redesigning its email and web services for students, staff and faculty in order to make it mobile-friendly. OSU Webmail Services will rollout the new design next week. Users' inboxes will include a resized layout and a new logo. The university's website and home pages will make use of responsive design to optimize for the device that the user is browsing on.
  • Travel Industry at Risk For Email Abuse: Agari
    The travel industry is at risk for email-based scams, according to a new survey from Agari. The report revealed an 800 percent increase in this sector being targeted by email hackers in the second quarter of this year. The research also revealed that three-quarters of the industries surveyed have yet to completely implement Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) to help reduce email abuse.
  • Lois Lerner's Emails May Not Really Be Lost
    Government lawyers are claiming that former IRS official Lois Lerner's emails aren't actually missing as was previously revealed in court. The emails, which were reportedly lost in a system crash, may have been backed up as part of the IRS's security system. These emails may be difficult to access, however, they do exist according to government lawyers. Conservatives seek the emails to build their case against the IRS in which they claim they were illegally targeted by the agency.
  • Virgin Media Customers Are Experiencing Email Issues
    Virgin Media customers have been experiencing email issues. According to the cable broadband provider, customers with ntlworld email addresses have been experiencing issues sending and receiving emails due to a fault disruption. The issue, which began yesterday, has been affecting consumers across the UK.
  • FairPoint Communications Customers in New England Experience Email Outage
    Consumers in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine may not be getting your marketing emails. Internet service provider FairPoint Communications has reported that customers throughout New England are experiencing problems with FairPoint.net email accounts. The emails are not lost, but there have been delays messages sent and received from these accounts. The company reported that it is working to address the issue.
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