• Five Wrongheaded Beliefs That Could Impede Your Email Marketing
    Do you have doubts that keep you from focusing on your email marketing program? An expert debunks five of the common reasons for ignoring email marketing.   
  • Ecommerce Startup Whitebox Raises $18 Million In Funding
    Whitebox, an ecommerce startup that manages logistics and fulfillment, has raised $18 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Alan Taetle of Noro-Moseley Partners.
  • Microsoft Debuts Two New Tech Security Tools
    Microsoft unveiled two new cloud security solutions at its Ignige 2020 virtual conference. Both were created at the tech giant’s development center in Israel.
  • The Pros And Cons Of Email Marketing
    Should you use email marketing? Contrary to what you may think, there are both pros and cons. Here is a discussion of how email stacks up. 
  • An Email Marketing Primer For Financial Firms
    Given the high metrics ascribed to email, it may be tempting to start blasting out messages both to prospects and customers. Don’t do it unless you understand the medium. Here are tips for creating an engaging email campaign that avoids the junk folder.
  • How To Use Subscriber Data To Send Personalized Emails
    Consumers receive many emails from brands every day. How does a brand stand out? With personalization. Here are five ways to use subscriber data to personalize your emails. 
  • Best Practices For Email Marketers
    Email is a robust marketing vehicle, but a marketer can’t just dive in. Here is a rundown of email best practices. 
  • Tech Platform Changes A Bigger Threat Than GDPR: Opinion
    Digital advertisers face a greater existential threat from platform changes than they do from privacy laws like GDPR. Here’s an analysis of why.
  • How To Get The Most From Subject Lines, 'From' Lines And Pre-Headers
    Subject lines, 'from' lines and pre-headers are key elements in getting consumers to open marketing emails. But senders must observe laws and best practices. Here is a guide to optimizing subject lines, from lines and pre-headers.
  • Gmail Could Be Headed For A Facelift
    Gmail is working on  a new logo, and that may be only part of a total facelift, judging by a teaser sent by Google. Gmail is also now rolling out an update that brings Chat, Meet and Rooms into one central hub.
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