• New Phishing Attack Uses Google Redirects To Sneak Through
    A new phishing campaign designed to snare Microsoft Office 365 credentials uses Google search query redirects to evade detection. The attackers are able to hide the phishing page URL from secure email gateways. 
  • GDPR Fines Lead Nowhere Without Guidance
    UK companies could find it difficult to show they are protecting data under GDPR in the absence of clear guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office. The fines levied against British Airways and Marriott have put firms on notice, but input is still needed.  
  • 10 Stats To Use When Your Email Program Is Challenged
    Are you being challenged on your email usage or practices? Here are 10 email marketing stats that can help you make your case. 
  • Trump/GOP Fundraising Effort Raises $1 Million
    A one-day fund-raising blast has raised round $1 million for the GOP. The emails, sent by President Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee, played on the impeachment inquiry launched by Congress. One invited a donor to join the “Official Impeachment Defense Task Force.” 
  • Improving Your Email Response Rate
    Attracting subscribers is only half the battle in email marketing. The other half is retaining customers and keeping them engaged. Here are some tactics for improving your email response. 
  • Email Marketing Tips For Financial Services Firms
    Two in five financial customers rarely receive relevant messages from their providers, according to a study by Yes Marketing. Here are some ways to improve that number with more relevant email marketing. 
  • Gmail Rolls Out Dark Mode For Android And iOS
    The much-anticipated dark mode option for Gmail is now being rolled out on Android and iOS. It changes the default white background to black. Facebook is also reportedly testing a dark mode. 
  • Effective Email Marketing Can Help You Avoid The Spam Folder
    Spam messages count for a high volume of email traffic, and ISPs routinely block them. Here are some strategies to ensure that your email avoids the spam folder and makes it into the inbox. 
  • Three Things To Keep In Mind When Cleaning Your Email List
    Are your bounce rates hovering above 2%? It’s time to clean your email list. Liviu Tanase, CEO of ZeroBounce, explains how to do this using an email validation system. Here are three things to keep in mind. 
  • Women At Work: Ask For Permission Before Sending An Email Campaign
    A vacation home marketer was planning an email campaign. But had she gathered the necessary permissions? Email marketing has changed — brands can no longer load list upon list and ignore non-subscribers. Here’s why. 
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