• The Content Services Platform Is The Next Step in ECM
    Content publishers are moving away from traditional enterprise content management towards API-friendly service models, Laurence Hart contends. Hart explains how to develop a content services platform strategy. 
  • Spam Messages Delivered On Google Plus, Writer Charges
    Google Plus has been the vehicle for a wave of comments that were “all spam,” Martin Brinkman charges on Ghacks. Brinkman says he received notices about  ‘making money by staying at home’, and other posts with links designed to get users to click on those links.”
  • Dublin Zoo Hit In Email Invoice Fraud
    The Dublin Zoo was the victim of an email invoice scam. However, the majority of the funds were recovered. The case is under investigation. 
  • Study Shows Mobile Phone Sensors Are Vulnerable
    Researchers at the Nanyang Technological University, using data from six physical sensors, were able to unlock mobile phone with a 99.5% accuracy rate. Here is how they did it, and what it means. 
  • Senate Aging Committee Warns Of Fake IRS Emails
    The Senate Aging Committee has warned consumers about an email scam that targets Hotmail users. The subject line says, “Internal Revenue Service Email.”  
  • Sandboxx App Turns Emails Into Letters For Marines
    Sandboxx is helping Marine recruits send and receive email communications—on paper. An app allows family members to type an email on their smartphones, and have it turned into a printed letter. And the recruits can write a letter and have it converted into an email.  
  • Email Marketing Tips For 2018
    Businesses and consumers still favor email over other media. Here are ways to improve your email in 2018, from design and typography to advanced personalization. 
  • CRM Vs. Marketing Automation: How They Can Work Together
    Marketing automation systems facilitate the blasting of effective email sequences. CRM systems do something different—they allow sales force automation. An article in IT World describes how the two can work together.  
  • Schmidt Stepping Down From His Role At Alphabet
    Eric Schmidt is stepping down from his position as executive chairman of Alphabet, parent company of Google, after serving at the company since 2001. The change takes effect in January. Schmidt will continue in a limited way as a technical advisor. 
  • How To Get Started In Email Marketing
    Companies starting email marketing campaigns have to answer several questions. First, what value will they offer to get people to opt in? Second, how will they use the resulting list? Here’s a roundup of the steps to take. 
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