• How To Schedule SMS Messages In Gmail
    It’s no secret that Gmail now lets users schedule emails. But did you know that Gmail also allows scheduling of SMS messages for any time of the day? The Gmail user has to go to Google Voice settings and scroll down to the Messages section. Here’s more on how to do it. 
  • Why First-Party Retailers Will Do Best In Back-To-School Season
    Students are in the process of returning to school. But are ecommerce brands ready to make the most of this opportunity? Are they acting like ‘First-Party Retailers,’ leveraging their first-party data? Here’s why that is important. 
  • Email Dying? It's Already Dead, Critic Writes
    Forget the countless articles, books and podcasts that celebrate email marketing. Whatever their generation, consumers are tired of the deluge of spam they get every day. 
  • Tim Cook Mourns Passing Of 'Father Of GDPR'
    Giovanni Buttarelli, Europe’s head of data protection and considered the father of GDPR, has passed away. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a tweet that he is heartbroken by the loss. 
  • Four Gmail Alternatives That Claim To Protect Privacy
    Gmail may be the most popular email service on the planet. But that doesn’t mean it protects user privacy—it tracks what consumers buy online and gathers other forms of data. Here are four alternatives that claim to put privacy first: ProtonMail, Tutanota, Posteo and Runbox. 
  • Attribution Can Be A Slippery Slope
    Brands often have the mistaken idea that sales unfold sequentially. But it’s not so—converting a prospect at a conference is possible because a long email nurture campaign got the person there. Here’s why you have to careful when reading your attribution reports.
  • Questions Arise Over Twitch Emails To 'Streamers'
    Streaming platform Twitch has been sending emails inviting users to sign up for a new type of platform currency. However, observers wonder if the messages are legitimate. 
  • How To Decide Which Marketing Channels To Use
    It’s not easy to devise a strategy in this age of proliferating channels. Should you use direct mail, Reddit, email? Here are three factors that must be taken into account when choosing channels. 
  • Four Email Mistakes That Can Harm Conversion Rate
    It’s one thing to send a compelling, graphically appealing email. It’s another to achieve a conversion with that email. Here are four mistakes that often cause email marketers to fall short of that goal. 
  • How To Boost Your Financial Email Results
    Financial brands already have a strong position in email — 38% of banking messages get read, vs. 24% for all industries. But don’t be lulled by that — it is largely due to transactional emails. Offers are another matter. Here are tips on how to boost bank and credit union results. 
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