• 42% of Trump Voters Don't Care If He Uses Private Email Server
    Supporters of Donald Trump are not bothered by the president's use of a private email server, according to a new poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP).
  • Data Breaches Spiked in 2016
    Data breaches are on the rise.
  • Utah Moves Forward on Legislation that Gives Family Access to Email/Social Media After Death
    Utah is considering passing legislation that would pass off the email and social media accounts of people who have died to their relatives.
  • Gmail Will Soon Be Even More Secure
    Google is working on an update to make Gmail even more secure against malware attacks by adding a new feature that blocks any JavaScript that could reach the inbox. T
  • Trump is Using a Gmail Address for His Twitter Account
    President Donald Trump is reportedly using an insecure Android handset for official business, as well as a Gmail address for his Twitter account.
  • Can Too Much Email Increase Your Carbon Footprint?
    A year of incoming email adds about 300 pounds of emissions to a person's carbon footprint, the same as about 200 miles of driving 200 in an average car, according to research.
  • Email Privacy Act Supporters To Focus On Importance Of Targeting Criminals When Reading Emails
    Congress will use security as an argument to getting more privacy in email.
  • MailButler Amps Up Apple's Email Client
    Apple email client MailButler turns your email into a personal assistant.
  • Microsoft Ups Security for Office 365 Email Users
    Microsoft has increased its security for Office 365 in order to protect users from malware attacks.
  • Trump's Team Reportedly Using Private Email Server
    Despite Donald Trump's attacks on Hillary Clinton for using a private email server during her time as Secretary of State, reports have surfaced that Trump's own team is using a private email server.
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