• Federal Government Emails Gag Order to USDA
    The United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service received an email on Monday morning with new guidance.
  • Citizens Are Creating Email Alerts for Trump Actions
    Citizens are uniting to get create email alerts any time president Trump takes an action.
  • Dovecot Email Server Wins Highest Security Rating
    Email server Dovecot has been rated "near-impenetrable" in its latest security audit.
  • Court Denies DOJ Appeal in Microsoft Overseas Privacy Case
    A U.S. appeals court has denied the Department of Justice's push to require Microsoft to turn over customer emails stored outside of the country.
  • Yahoo Mail Users Report Outage in UK
    Yahoo Mail users in the UK and the rest of Europe experienced an outage on Monday afternoon.
  • SEC to Determine if Yahoo Data Hacks Were Disclosed Properly
    The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Yahoo over its 2013 data breach to decide whether or not the company should have revealed the hacks sooner.
  • 84% of Marketers Use Email
    Eighty-four percent of marketers use email, according to DMA's latest Customer Acquisition Barometer.
  • Trump Responds to Emails With Handwritten Notes
    President Donald Trump does not use emails to conduct business.
  • Fashion Editor Fired Over Rude Email About Intern
    Paper Magazine has fired fashion editor Paul-Simon Djite for sending a group email to designers last week humiliating the magazine's intern Keirra Webster.
  • Microsoft Defends Constitutional Rights of Users in Email Privacy Case
    Microsoft will try to fight for customer rights in its battle with the FBI over email privacy.
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