• How Home Depot Uses Augmented Reality To Boost Conversions
    Home Depot has lifted engagement and conversion with augmented reality capabilities or its app an the mobile web. Here’s how the retailer rolled these tools out prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Customer Experience Is Moving Toward Digital
    The COVID-19 pandemic has driven changes in the customer experience process, including a move to digital and data-fueled applications. One sign of the times is the $3.2 billion purchase of Segment by Twilio.  
  • Salesforce CEO Benioff Could Be Missing The CX Boom: Analysis
    Has Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff allowed rival SAP to outflank it on customer experience? Here is an analysis of how they stack up on the cloud and CX wars.
  • How Email Marketers Can Stay Sane This Season
    It may not be easy, but email marketers should keep their heads on straight and focus on the business at hand as we careen through elections and COVID-19. Email expert Ryan Phelan gives advice on how to stay sane. 
  • Microsoft Sales Teams Challenge Salesforce In Cloud Software: Report
    Microsoft is competing with Salesforce in the CRM cloud software arena by directing its salespeople to push its Dynamics products. These tools help businesses track sales and support.  
  • Email's Role In The B2B Marketing Of The Future
    B2B salespeople must become comfortable sourcing email addresses and emailing prospects, says Demandbase CPO Jon Miller. That’s one change as B2B marketing moves toward the future, Miller notes.
  • Alleged Proud Boys Emailing Pressures Voters To Vote For Trump
    Threatening emails have been sent, allegedly by the far-right extremist group the Proud Boys, pressuring presumably Democratic voters in Alachua County, Florida to vote for President Trump. It tells them that it has their contact information. Law enforcement officials are investigating, but some say it may be a scam.   
  • A Guide To Using Transactional Emails
    Transactional emails can help brands increase conversions and engagement, especially in the current circumstances. Here is a guide on how to monetize your transactional emails. 
  • Input On How To Send Winning Cold Emails
    Cold emails are an effective way of driving sales — if they’re done well. Here are tips from Katie Furman, sale development representative at Khoros, on how to make sure they are. 
  • SMTP Relay Service Or An ESP? The Pros And Cons Of Each
    Email marketers can use an SMTP relay service, or they can subscribe to an email service provider in an effort to reach customers. Here are the pros and cons of each.
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