• CEO Explains His Trick to Overcoming Inbox Overload
    Tom Patterson, founder of men's underwear apparel company, has a trick to his overwhelmed inbox.
  • Happy Grasshopper Offers SMBs Email Marketing Services
    Happy Grasshopper is a new email marketing platform aimed at SMBs.
  • Hackers Hijack Phone Numbers to Hack Into Email
    Hackers have found a way to break into people's email accounts using their phone numbers.
  • Newsletter Are Most Popular Emails Sent by Marketers
    Some 83 percent of US marketers send newsletters as marketing email, making newsletters the most common type of marketing email sent by US email marketers in the first half of 2016, according to Clutch.
  • Facebook Vulnerability Allowed Bug Bounty Hunter to Gain Access to Email Address
    Facebook bug bounty hunter Tommy DeVoss discovered a vulnerability on the social network's site that allowed him to steal the private email address of any Facebook user.
  • Why Sending Emails on Mondays is a Bad Idea
    Email productivity app Boomerang has found that Mondays are the worst day to send emails.
  • FBI Said Past Behavior Led Them to Search Weiner's Email for Clinton Emails
    The FBI's search warrant application for Anthony Weiner's laptop search was released today.
  • British Retailer Apologizes Over Sexist Emails
    British apparel retailer Joy has apologized after being accused of sending sexist email marketing messages to customers.
  • Indian Citizens Can Now Have Email Address in Local Languages
    Indian startup Data XGen Technologies has expande its email service to provide email addresses to people that speak a number of different local languages throughout the country.
  • Chicago Mayor on Private Email Account: "I Wasn't Perfect"
    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has apologized for using a private email account to conduct public business.
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