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This Week In 'Mad Men' Stuff: Portraits, Commando

More press about "Mad Men" as we inch closer to the April 7 premiere. First, here are some great black-and-white "portraits" showing how major characters will present themselves this season, on Facebook (Sally looks so grown-up, and the women's clothing shows a conservative version of '60s grooviness).

Then, the Wall Street Journal has a not-terribly-revealing interview with series creator Matt Weiner. He does admit that his hardest creative decisions are to let a character's storyline end -- from Sal's to Lane Pryce's.

And our favorite piece: about, um, how underwear brands Jockey and Fruit of the Loom "are vying for [Jon] Hamm's attention," because of his habit of forgoing such apparel. Here's the ad trade twist that raises this story above the salacious level: "We'll be watching to see if the brands are advertising" on the program, writes Rupal Parekh, who also lets us know which agencies those brands use.



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