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How To Get 20-Somethings To Pay For Content

How to get "Generation Mooch," 20-something college graduates used to getting content for free, to pay for products like premium TV and digital newspapers? Eliza Kern, part of this demo, suggests that HBO experiment with "low-cost subscriptions meant for recent graduates, that would get us used to paying something but at rates more in line with our typical income levels. Maybe it means creating or structuring content specifically for younger readers and their digital tastes, or adopting micro-payments that remind us more of purchasing an iTunes song than a year-long subscription."

What about newspapers? "While I personally pay for a variety of news subscriptions, Twitter remains my most valuable source of information and I would probably pay more for access to that feed than anything else," writes Kern. "Instagram might not be the future of news and information, but it’s fair to say a lot of people would probably pay for that."



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