Consumer Spending Plans Favor Bush Ratings

Consumer Spending Plans Favor Bush Ratings

According to the latest BIGresearch Consumer Intentions and Action survey, the way people feel about spending their discretionary dollars may say a lot about how people plan on voting in the presidential election.

In October, says BIGresearch, several of the influences on shopping behaviors are improving. It seems to be good for President Bush. For example, the percentage of consumers who said they've become "more practical" in their purchase behaviors (38.6%) reached its lowest level since September of 2002 (37.1%). Fewer also said they are focusing on Needs over Wants than at any other time.

Issues pertaining to employment fears also indicate a more optimistic consumer as fewer, 5.2%, said they were concerned with being laid off versus 6.3% in September. Two other key consumer purchase indicators which showed slight improvement over September are fewer planning on increasing savings and on paying down debt, in anticipation of increased holiday expenditures. In addition, purchase deferrals over the last 30 days are down across all eight areas measured.

The improvement of these indicators is concurrent with the findings of support for President Bush over Senator Kerry with the overall numbers from the October CIA at 44.8% versus 40.9%. And among those who say they are registered and likely to vote, the numbers are Bush 46.6% versus Kerry 42.1%.

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