Be Real

Moms are an important demographic to almost every marketer. In the past 10 years, moms have been interacting with brands in ways they never have before. Indeed, in this day and age of social media, moms want to form connections – with other moms, brands, and products. Yet, not all brands are living up to moms’ expectations. According to an Insights in Marketing survey, only 31% of moms feel that brands effectively market to women. 

How can your brand form a lasting connection with moms? What is important to moms in 2013? We recently explored the most current and relevant trends in the mom-focused market to learn more about how to help brands form deep connections with moms. We found one trend that stood out above all: authenticity. Moms expect real, authentic connections with and from brands. They want to feel like they matter as an individual and not just as part of a target market. 



Here are a few ways brands can create authentic connections with moms:

  • Focus on a woman’s life stage, not her age. New mothers have more in common than all women aged 30–35 and those commonalities create distinct needs and priorities on which brands can focus. Cater your message to these needs and make it easier for your audience to connect.

  • Reach out to moms for their advice and ideas about product and package design, marketing, shopper experience, and more. They will be grateful that your brand takes the time to consider their true needs. P&G did this in a redesign of its Venus Razors when the brand recognized the razor can’t simply be a pink version of the men’s razor. Rather, it incorporated features requested by and designed specifically for women and saw a dramatic increase in market share. This is a clear reminder that brands can’t “fake it and make it” with moms. 

  • Make moms feel understood and heard when brands respond to feedback in a timely, thoughtful way. About 60% of moms expect to hear back from brands within a day after they submit a comment. Brands who follow these expectations will be the ones moms choose more often. 

  • Don’t be a robot. Be real and human in your messaging and interactions, especially on social media. Think about any major national event – good or bad. Brands who stop their regular Twitter and Facebook postings to acknowledge a celebration or tragedy show a level of awareness and human emotion that can be lost in everyday marketing messages. 

  • Foster positive relationships with moms who love your brand because they will share that love with other moms. About 70% of American moms make recommendations about brands, products and services to other moms at least monthly and 53% do so on social media. 

  • Be consistent in your messaging to moms across all channels. If you send one genuine message on Twitter and it links to display ads that don’t match the same voice, moms will be confused and turn away from your brand. 

Authenticity is just one of the numerous important issues to moms in 2013. Learn about more consumer trends that impact to marketing to moms in the new free white paper.

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