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If Texas Passes Email Privacy Law It Would Be Symbolic: Doctorow

While it may not stop the feds from snooping on citizens' digital conversations, Internet activist/blogger Cory Doctorow says that if Texas passes email privacy legislation, it would be symbolic. Doctorow wrote on the Boing Boing blog this week, that "it's an important step toward establishing a better norm in privacy standards for files on cloud-based services."

The bill, which would require law enforcement to get a warrant to read email which is stricter than the current policy. Today, law enforcement is required to follow the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act, in which no warrant is needed for officials to access email once it has been opened, or if it is unopened on a server for more than six months. Texas governor Rick Perry has until June 16, 2013 to sign it or veto the bill.



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