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Marketers May Have to Adjust Email Marketing Messages to Gmail Thanks to Tabs

Google's new Gmail redesign is in effect and it means that marketing emails are now landing in subfolder in a user's inbox marked for promotions. Because the content is landing in these inboxes, consumers may be checking it less often and marketers should keep this in mind when running flash promotions or limited time sales.

Kara Trivunovic, vice president of strategic services at email marketing firm BlueHornet Networks Inc. explained to Internet Retailer that retailers see most of their click through activity within three hours of delivery and this is likely to change if Gmail users aren't checking their promotional inboxes as often as their main inboxes. Longer term promotional periods will likely work better for this Gmail audience. 

While consumers may not be checking this folder as often, the benefit of having this promotions folder sectioned out is that when a consumer is in this folder, they are in the mood to shop and marketers won't be competing with personal emails for attention. Marketers should note that this new change is only for desktop Gmail users, the Gmail redesign won't impact emails on mobile devices.



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