Brands Can Learn From Moms How To Create Content

According to eConsultancy and Outbrain, 42% of companies say they lack the human resources and the budget (35%) for content marketing. And a study by Curata revealed creating original content is seen as the biggest challenge for 69% of content marketers. But today’s social media moms are masters at coming up with the content they need to manage their multi-channel brands. 

And brands challenged by content creation can learn a lot from them.

1. Crowdsourcing article ideas: moms will join forces and crowdsource an idea and cross promote on their owned channels extending their reach beyond just their own channels. Brands can select 3-4 employees to easily crowdsource material for the company blog.

2. Commenting on news and trends: many bloggers have Google Alerts in place for topics they write about. Brands should have alerts on their competitors.

3. Using/creating great infographics: more and more moms are creating or using infographics and sharing them on not only their blogs, but curating them on Pinterest.

4. Interviewing local people who are newsworthy: moms reach out people in their local communities to create relevant localized content.

5. Interviewing fellow bloggers: this is an easy way in which moms get content and leverage the interviewee’s social graph and reach.

6 Do article exchanges: moms will bargain with each other for guest post exchanges. Businesses can do the same by sharing thought leadership with non-competitors.

7. Curate lists: search any site and you will see curated lists on everything from top bloggers to sites and apps they recommend.

8. many bloggers use to stay on top of topic areas relevant for their readership. It’s a great place for businesses to stay current and get ideas for articles and commentary.

9. Ask readers: most bloggers at some point will ask their audience what they want to see.

10. Recycle and update old posts: a trick many of the renown bloggers will use. Good content gets buried, but there’s nothing wrong with uncovering it, updating it and re-posting the good ones.

11. Capture everything: with Vine or now Instagram, it’s easy to create short video. And visual content gets the best engagement so do what bloggers do: carry a camera, camera phone or iPad with you wherever you go to not miss a content moment. It’s second nature to a seasoned blogger.



And last, but not least, you can always hire a blogger to create content for you. After all, organic is more likely to get clicked on than any paid advertising.

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