Sync Magazine To Offer Interactive CD-ROM

Sync magazine's December issue will include a special CD-ROM disk featuring both bonus editorial and advertising content.

The interactive CD will include trailers of holiday feature films, DVDs, television shows, music, and video games. Editorially, the disk will launch the publication's first annual holiday gift guide, complete with original product reviews and even a section devoted to shopping for the women in your life.

"The idea came from readers' interest in the CD-ROM format and the "tech-tainment lifestyle," said Janet Oak, Sync's marketing director. "We wanted to create a format that is an extension of the editorial."

The bundled CD program stems from an effort launched back in August, when Sync created a virtual CD on its Web site. Readers were driven to this microsite by an ad in the magazine.

The virtual CD, which included trailers for movies such as "Open Water" and "Cellular," generated such a strong response that the mailer program was developed.



In addition to featuring lots of video content, The CD's holiday gift guide will be e-commerce-enabled, allowing users to shop at will.

"It's a great way to link purchasers with readers," said Oak. Yet she admitted that the majority of interest in the program has come from advertisers hoping to place their movie trailers and TV spots on the CD. "Direct sales has not been a huge driver," she said. "It would be great for us to get a big retail partner or a credit card provider."

Advertisers have until October 20th to get signed on.

In addition to gathering advertisers, the program is also an important branding tool for the four-month-old male-targeted 'tech-tainment' title, which blends technology and lifestyle. "It's very competitive out there, and we want to stand out as an innovator," said Oak.

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