Everything I Still Know About Marketing I Learned From Google

Back in the fall of 2009, I published a series of Search Insider columns titled, “Everything I Need to Know About Marketing I Learned from Google.” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.) #seemslikeyesterday

A few months later, I used social media to land a book deal with McGraw-Hill and, in August of 2010, “Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned From Googlewas published. #still2leftinstock

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to write an updated edition, even though all the changes in the marketplace over the past three years have made the key tenets more applicable than ever. #humblebrag



Here’s a quick look at each of the “Googley Lessons” I shared in my book, along with thoughts on how they’re playing out in today’s landscape -- and, of course, the requisite hashtag. #ifonlywehadhashtagsin2009

1.     Relevancy Rules –the Google Panda has struck more than 25 times in the past three years, redefining relevancy each time. #headonswivel

2.     Tap the Wisdom of Crowds – while Google+ hasn’t totally caught on from a consumer perspective, by integrating Google Places into Google+, the Big G brought crowds of businesses to its social network. #ifyoubuilditheywillcome

3.     Keep it Simple, Stupid – the Googlehomepage is sparse as it ever was. #stillfeelinglucky

4.     Mindset Matters – search is still the lion’s share of Google’s ad revenue, proving that reaching consumers in active “buy mode” remains the most effective marketing aperture. #leanin

5.     Be Where Your Audience is – it’s an enhanced campaigns world, and we’re all just living in it. #multidevice4eva

6.     Don’t Interrupt – YouTube continues to introduce new ad formats that run before, after, and adjacent to content. #nopopupstho

7.     Act Like Content – with content marketing all the rage,brands are now publishers -- and, with Wildfire, brands can now publish social content through Google. #contentishot

8.     Test Everything – Google Analytics Content Experiments lets you fiddle to your heart’s content. #evenonaroof

9.     Track Everything – as if it weren’t enough that Google tracked your every move online, now it can track your every move in the car. #showmethewaze

10.  Let the Data Decide – with multichannel funnels, you can know exactly which ads contributed to each conversion. #brentspinerwouldbeproud

11.  Brands Can Be Answers – this could be the slogan for product-listing ads. #payup

12.  Your Unique Selling Proposition is Critical – with review extensions, word of mouth can go further than ever. #somebodysgottatestify

13.  Your Competition is Broader Than You Think – Google now competes with everyone, from retailers to online travel agencies to financial services aggregators to mobile device manufacturers to GPS providers. #watchyourback

14.  You Can Learn a Lot from a Query – keywords have become the retargeting variable of choice for many marketers. #boomgoestherang

15.  Sex Sells – it should come as no surprise that the adult entertainment industry has been quick to adopt Google Glass. #xrayvision

16.  Altruism Sells – last week, Google released an app (One Today) that enables micro-donations to nonprofits. #playinggodergood

17.  Show Off Your Assets – image extensions, anyone? #imageiseverything

18.  The More Shelf Space, the Better – especially on a small screen. #hellomoto

19.  Make Your Company a Great Story – with projects like self-driving cars, Google continues to capture the imagination and untold PR impressions. #steertheconversation

20.  Don’t Rely on Search Engine Marketing Alone – search was mentioned just 20 times out of the nearly 10,000 words spoken during Google’s Q2 earnings call. #lowkeyworddensity

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