Alls Juste Dans L'amour Et Twitter

According to Publicis chief Maurice Levy, a big part of his rationale for merging with Omnicom was the need to create greater scale in order to deal with “exponential development of new media giants.” It already seems to be working with at least one of them -- Twitter.

When the PubliCom team stumbled upon an anonymous Twitter account operating under the handle @PublicisOmnicom, calls were made, tweets were tweeted and Lotus Notes emails were sent, and as they say, voila, the handle was reassigned to its rightful owners -- the corporate communications teams at Publicis and Omnicom. But not before the following tweets were, well, followed:

“Please affectionately refer to our co-CEOs as 'Jaurice', and not 'Maurohn'. Merci.”

“Client conflicts? Look. We handled the freaking Saatchis.”

“Michael Roth says we are 'too big to fail'. We completely disagree. We are totally big enough to fail.”

“We never published photos of our big data on Twitter. We were totally hacked.”

If you’d like to continue following the rogue parodies, the account has been reinstated under the Twitter handle @PublicisOmnico_. To underscore that point, the anonymous tweeter noted,“Twitter has modified our account name to @PublicisOmnico_. If you find our 'm', please return it to IT immediately. Please RT.”

Seems like a fair trade, given that Publicis also lost a consonant -- the letter “e” -- in its groupe name.

C’est la vie in the Twittersphere
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