3 Tips for Getting Your Brand On Board With Blogging

We often talk about how brands can work with bloggers, but what about brands creating a blog of their own? Should a brand have its own blog? If your brand is targeting moms, I believe having a company blog is a great way to share the personality behind your brand, to give moms insight and information they just don’t always gather from traditional advertising and promotion. 

Although I love the blog, I understand that it can be an overwhelming task for any business or brand. Here are some of my very best tips for creating a blog strategy that will engage moms while keeping you focused on your business:

1. Create a Posting Schedule

Decide how often you will post and when. My recommendation is to start small—maybe once a week—and build as you get more comfortable with the space. Choose a day(s) of the week that works best for you and your audience. For example, if you will be sharing quick-fix recipes, maybe consider posting on a Monday when moms may be looking for an easy-to-make weekday meal. 



2. Develop a Content Outline

Think of this as an editorial calendar for your blog.  Create an overall theme for each day you will post (i.e., Mondays: recipes, Wednesdays: saving money).  This will help you come up with writing ideas for those moments you may be stumped. Next, look at the next few weeks and think of actual topics you would like to cover that go with your overall themes. Keep in mind what your readers are doing—if it is the week before school begins, your “saving money” post may be top ways to save money on last-minute school supplies.

3. Write (or Not)

Writing the actual post is the most obvious next step.  Blogs do not have to be long (moms are busy) and you don’t even necessarily have to do a lot of the writing. Link to a story you found interesting with just a brief intro into why you loved it, insert a quick reader poll to gauge your audience’s interest in a topic, or post a photo that represents what you are doing, how you are feeling or where you visiting. Ask people to either guess the task, mood or location or have them share their own. Simple. And, because you have the great content outline from above, you can actually spend one entire afternoon writing a bulk of posts—using them throughout the rest of the month.

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