Facebook Postpones Changes To Privacy Policy

It probably shouldn't be a surprise that Facebook once again is facing a backlash for proposing changes to its privacy policy. After all, just about every revision the company has made to its privacy policies since 2007 -- when Facebook rolled out the disastrous Beacon program -- has gone wrong.

In the latest example, Facebook recently proposed new terms of service that center on the use of people's names and photos in ads. The new wording immediately raised eyebrows among consumer groups; six organizations quickly asked the Federal Trade Commission to block the change from going through.

But the proposed new terms appear consistent with Facebook's longstanding policy of using people's names and images in sponsored stories ads. The terms also seem consistent with a recent settlement of a lawsuit  about sponsored stories ads. That deal calls for Facebook to clarify that it uses people's names and photos in ads.



Still, many who commented on the proposed changes have nothing good to say about them.

“It is unethical to use someone's image to pretend they endorsed something they didn't,” writes one user. “I'm opposed to not having control of my image or to have it or comments appear to like something I may not.”

That comment drew more than 1,700 “likes.”

“Send me ads, fine. Use my photos or posts in ads, I'm out of here,” writes another user in a post that garnered almost 2,000 “likes.”

The new terms were supposed to take effect yesterday. But Facebook decided to postpone them until next week, according to The Los Angeles Times. "We are taking the time to ensure that user comments are reviewed and taken into consideration to determine whether further updates are necessary and we expect to finalize the process in the coming week," Facebook reportedly said.

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  1. Edith Angelo from Project Nick de Angelis, September 6, 2013 at 7:49 p.m.

    This is riidiculous. Facebook and ALL Newsletters and websites have been displaying your picture next to any post or website you have 'liked' for more than two years. It is called 'Instant Personalization'. You have ALWAYS had the option to go to Privacy Settings and disable 'Instant Personalization' which is unfortunately the default. All Facebook is guilty of is having a site that you need to have a small amount of technical skill to navigate. But you can vote if you can't read and no one is mandated to teach you. If you use social networking take a look at the rules, options and privacy disclosures.

  2. Edith Angelo from Project Nick de Angelis, September 6, 2013 at 7:51 p.m.

    See that? I can't change Privacy options on a PAGE I manage so the EXAMINER just posted my Page Name. Take a look. Great artwork.

  3. Pete Austin from Fresh Relevance, September 9, 2013 at 5:05 a.m.
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