Broadband Internet Grows To 25 Million In The U.S.

Broadband Internet Grows To 25 Million In The U.S.

According to Leichtman Research Group, US cable and DSL providers accumulated over 24.6 million high-speed Internet subscribers by the end of 2003. The twenty largest cable and DSL providers in the US added a combined 7.4 million high-speed Internet subscribers in 2003.

Additional broadband provider results include:

- Cable adding about 4.5 million broadband Internet subscribers compared to close to 3 million added by the major DSL providers over the same time period

- The top cable broadband providers now have a 63% share of the overall broadband market.

And, from a new LRG study, Broadband Internet Access & Services in the Home 2004, based on a survey of 1,600 households nationwide, come some details on the usage and opinions:

- 62% of residential households subscribe to an online service at home, and about one-third of this group subscribes to broadband

- 73% of broadband subscribers are "very satisfied" with their Internet service compared to 49% of narrowband/dial-up subscribers

- About 30% of current narrowband subscribers are interested in getting broadband

Bruce Leichtman, President, Leichtman Research Group, says "Clearly the market for broadband has become more competitive in the past year, and competition will only intensify as the number of broadband subscribers in the US doubles over the next four years. Yet it is premature to proclaim that DSL is catching up to cable."

Broadband Internet Subscribers at end of 2003 Net adds in 2003
Comcast 5,283,900 1,663,600
Time Warner 3,228,000 802,000
Cox 1,988,527 580,577
Charter 1,565,600 427,500
Cablevision 1,057,020 286,895
Adelphia 951,406 324,236
Bright House Networks620,000 130,000
Mediacom 280,000 89,000
Insight 230,000 85,200
RCN 195,000 42,669
Cable One 133,800 54,400
Total Top cable 15,533,253 4,486,077
SBC 3,516,000 1,317,000
Verizon 2,319,000 649,000
Bell South 1,462,000 441,000
Qwest 637,000 127,000
Covad 517,000 136,000
Sprint 304,000 153,000
ALLTEL 153,028 82,846
Cincinnati Bell 99,000 24,400
CenturyTel 83,400 31,100
Total Top DSL 9,090,428 2,961,346
Total Broadband*** 24,623,681 7,447,423

Sources: The Companies and Leichtman Research Group, Inc.
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