Consumers Worrying Less, Dining Out More, But Practical on Most Other Fronts

Consumers Worrying Less, Dining Out More, But Practical on Most Other Fronts

The November Consumer Intentions Study by BIGresearch, finds that, after peaking for the year in the months leading up to the election, worry about political and national security issues has lowered three points in November to 24.6%, and those who say they are very confident/confident in the chances for a strong economy in the next 6 months rose slightly in November to 45.4%.

McDonald's still king of the fast food industry, with 21.4% saying they eat there most often. Wendy's had an 11.3% share in November, Burger King 9.5%, Taco Bell 5.8%, and Subway 5.1%.

Women's 6 month purchase intentions are up for the jewelry/watch category, but practical consumers are anticipating a decrease in spending over the next 90 days, as most categories are down in November, according to the BIGresearch Diffusion Index (those who say they'll spend less subtracted from those who'll spend more.)

Retail Merchandise Categories - 90 Day Outlook (November 04 compared to October 04 and November 03)

CategoryOctober 04 November 03
Toys and GamesDOWNDOWN
Women's DressDOWNFLAT
Women's CasualDOWNDOWN
Men's CasualDOWNDOWN
Home ImprovementDOWNDOWN
Lawn & GardenDOWNDOWN
Home FurnitureDOWNDOWN
Dining OutUPUP
Decorative Home FurnishingsUPDOWN
Sporting GoodsUPUP

And, in the BIG "What's Hot and What's Not " categories for the month:

Among those 18-34,

  • 59.4% say handmade gifts are hot
  • 48.3% say (Desperate HouseWives
  • 46.4% say scrapbooking

The 35+ crowd says

  • Wives... 52.5%
  • Scrapbooking... 46.9%
  • Cosmetic surgery... 37.5%


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