DoubleClick: Online Shopping To Increase This Holiday Season

Almost two out of three visitors to e-commerce sites in November are planning to make an online purchase this holiday season, according to DoubleClick's latest installment of its "Holiday 2004 Shopping Report."

For the survey, directed by DoubleClick and conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings in the first week in November, 613 respondents were questioned as they exited e-commerce sites. Sixty-four percent of respondents said they plan to shop online--a 15 percentage point increase from last year.

Nearly one out of three respondents--27 percent--said they intended to shift at least 15 percent of their total holiday shopping budget to e-commerce sites. That group skewed female and affluent; 60 percent of the so-called "heavy shifters" were women, and 54 percent had incomes higher than $50,000.

Consumers also said they used the Internet to research possible purchases--particularly home electronics. Slightly more than half--51 percent--of respondents said they used the Web to research home electronics. Almost as many--49 percent--said they investigated games online, followed by 48 percent who were researching music, movies, or books.



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