Romans Invented Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are simply the latest versions of social platforms invented by the Romans, according to a new book… In particular, journalist Tom Standage says that the way ancient graffiti was used to boast or complain about a variety of subjects was a key moment in the birth of social networking. – Daily Mail, November 8, 2013

@LudiCras: O… deus… meus! So excited!  This year’s games are going to feature Thracians battling a hippopotamus!  Or is it a UNICORN??? #KillingMythicalCreaturesforFun

@AmicaAnimaliarum: @LudiCras ODM it’s barbaric to bring a rare animal from the antipodes just to slaughter it in front of a mob of howling unemployed illiterates. Let’s throw some of the spectators instead. No, really. #SeriouslyHumanLifeIsWorthless

@LudiCras: @AmicaAnimalarum um hi talk about hypocrisy! weren’t you the one who hired a soothsayer to cut open a dolphin to find out when she should get married… oh yeah and then sacrificed ten bulls at your wedding? #BrideScylla



@AmicaAnimaliarium: @LudiCras bitch are you stalking me. That’s fine bitch because I know your wedding didn’t even have acrobats and btw you married a GAUL LOL #GotAnyCeltInYou

@LudiCras: @AmicaAnimaliarium whatevs so superficial. Anyway I heard yer mom got kicked out of the Vestal Virgins for being a skank ho.

@Votigern: @AmicaAnimaliarum hey I actually am a barbarian (Briton) and I just wanted to let you know that using the word “barbaric” that way is very hurtful. Please try to be more aware of the negative impacts your words may have on others. Thanks.

@AmicaAnimaliarium: @Votigern O deus meus mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! I am so embarrassed. BTW I have lots of barbarian friends. Do you know @Adalbert?

@Votigern: @AmicaAnimaliarium so I guess all of us barbarians are supposed to know each other? Because we’re all the same to you? #TypicalRoman



@VirGymansium: ODM just finished an awesome workout. ran 10 milia passus and did some reps with the medicine ball, hit my lats and abs. check out this pic

@VirGymansiumII: @VirGymansium awesome nice sixpack bro. when are you going to hit your calves

@VirGymansium: @VirGymansiumII: next week gonna blast my pecs too

@VirGymansiumII: sweet I’ll see you there hey btw I have a new herbal supplement you should try

@VirGymansium: cool hook me up bro

@VirGymansiumII: well it’s not an herbal supplement exactly it’s dried bull testes ground up with sardines. tastes nasty but totally boosts your workout

@VirGymansium: I heard that stuff gives you leprosy or something

@VirGymansiumII: it’s not leprosy just really bad acne but it goes away after a few weeks

@VirGymansium: okay cool

@VirGymansiumII: oh also your partes viri may shrivel up and fall off



@TechneAmator: sup guys I known nobody checks this forum but anyway here are some new pics of my ballista

@TechneAmator: as you can see I replaced the old bolts which were bronze and pretty dinged up with these new iron ones, they only cost 20 denarii because my friend knows the ironmonger

@TechneAmator: also replaced the trigger with an imported Damascus steel flange firing mechanism which was not cheap -- my gf is going to kill me! LOL! JK of course she doesn’t dare question me #PaterfamiliasRules

@TechneAmator: also compounded the stock with seasoned oak so the recoil is way less now. thinking about replacing the bowstring with Parthian leather but gotta save up for first, maybe sell a slave or two

@TechneAmator: anyway that’s what’s up with my ballista. anyone thinking of doing some target practice down by the Tiber? let me know, I’d love to show her off.  Okay, later

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