Cultural Divide: Insight Into Hispanic Moms

According to a recent study from The Mom Complex, a unit of The Martin Agency, Latina moms represent a fifth of the total U.S. mom population and have become front and center with many mom-marketing brands. “I think marketers today embrace that Hispanics are important. But they’re not taking the time to really understand their lives,” said Mom Complex founder Katherine Wintsch in a recent interview with Adweek

As Wintsch points out, effectively marketing to Hispanics is not just about translating words into Spanish. “It’s a planning function, it’s a research function,” adds Wintsch. “You know they’re important and now really understand their values, behaviors, attitudes.” 

To get you started, here are a few key insights into today’s Hispanic mom market from “The 85% Niche: The Power of Women of All Colors—Latina, Black and Asian” by Miriam Muley. 

Family is Beautiful: 74% of Latina women agree with this statement, “having a child is an experience every women should have.” For marketers, this means a focus on celebrating family—including representing various generations, something that resonates well with the Hispanic market. 

Multi-tasking Mamas: Muley suggests the very idea of multi-tasking was likely invented—and has certainly been mastered—by mothers of color. Brands need to dig deep and discover how their product or service can help her accomplish what needs to be done for her family on a day-to-day basis. In addition, these multi-tasking mamas enjoy little moments of self indulgence such as affordable manicures or sharing a glass of wine with friends. 

Independent Children: Hispanic moms are more likely to delegate more responsibility to her children—think household chores and taking care of siblings. There is a great importance in having her children be independent and prepared “for the harsh realities of the world.” Moms are looking for brands who can help her with the goal of raising “strong, independent and self-reliant young adults.”

The Sandwich Generation: While the entire boomer population is living in what we call the “sandwich generation”, caring for children while also caring for parents has been the norm for Hispanic mothers for quite some time. They take on the emotional and financial burden of caring for their elders and resonate with brands that understand their cultural values and how that affects their outlook on elder care products and services.

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