Mid-Season Remedies: Racy Housewives, Lying Daddies, and Big Globes

On the same day "Desperate Housewives" outguns "The Sopranos" with more Golden Globe nominations, the makers of "Girls Gone Wild" plan to offer a few golden globes of their own during the Super Bowl.

No, this is not an NFL-approved half-time show.

Instead, the producers of "Girls Gone Wild" are running a pay-per-view special to counter-program the big game which will feature plenty of female breasts and intended wardrobe malfunctions.

Of course, if ABC also wanted to counter-program that day, it too could offer an uncensored, FCC eyebrow-raising pay-per-view event of its own. Perhaps the network could call it, "Desperate Housewives: Way More Desperate."

Going into the second half of the TV season, we can see producers looking for the creative touch - however blunt.

After suffering mightily in the fourth quarter - as Fox seemingly always does - the network is looking for its annual mid-season turnaround. On January 3, Fox is claiming a new reality show, "Who's Your Daddy?" will get the ball rolling, and by series end there won't be a dry eye in the house. That's because eight daddies - one real and seven fake ones - will try to convince an adopted woman each one is her true father. If she figures him out, she gets $100,000; if she doesn't, the seven fake daddies split the money.



We can guess if she doesn't pick Mr. Right Daddy, viewers won't be the only ones crying.

Fox needs this romp to vamp until "American Idol" and the "Super Bowl" join the schedule a few weeks afterwards. NBC and CBS also have mid-season plans as well. But all three networks better think quick.

ABC is gaining ground. Last Sunday, "Desperate Housewives" became the first TV show ever to beat a series finale of CBS' "Survivor." Just when CBS thought it finally licked NBC, ABC crashes the party with lots of panting and buxom housewives who offer up some golden globes of their own.

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