Omaha Is Calling: Words To The Promotionally Minded Athlete

Please name your city -- or associated product -- in any connection with a major TV sports franchise.  Any in-game branding opportunities?


“Omaha” is the word Denver Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning uses right before his center snaps the ball to him. During the recent AFC Divisional playoff game, TV viewers could hear many mentions of the word, which got one food company, Omaha Steaks, thinking about sports marketing

Could a new form of TV branded entertainment be in the works?



Maybe, but this doesn’t necessarily mean Manning would adjust his snap call to “Omaha Steaks.”  An Omaha Steaks executive didn’t go into details.


Front Row Analytics says each mention of a key brand word during an audible could be worth $150,000, according to a story on For the Super Bowl, that could climb to $400,000.

Is this fantasy?


If the Broncos make it to the Super Bowl, Manning might do what he has always done in his professional career as it relates to endorsements: appear in TV commercials. He has done so for Papa John’s, DirecTV, and General Motors’ Buick line of cars.


All I can say is what some of football’s most valuable players have said in live-to-tape commercials -since 1987, just after winning the big Super Bowl game: “I’m going to Disney World!”

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