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Aereo To Take On More Subscribers in NYC

Aereo reopened its TV-over-the-Web service to new customers in New York City on Thursday, following unexpectedly high demand that maxed out capacity in that market.

Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia said in an interview Monday that the company was not taking new subscribers in New York, Atlanta and Miami, but he was hopeful that Aereo would have more capacity available later in the week.

People who were on a waiting list are being notified about service resuming first, before the company reopens its website for sign-ups, a spokesperson said in a Bloomberg story.

Aereo runs its service by catching broadcast signals with tiny antennas -- located inside shelters atop data centers in each market -- and then streaming the signals to customers' devices.

The company is headquartered in New York City, but has 75 of its 110 employees at an office in Boston.

Membership to Aereo, which is available currently in 11 U.S. markets including Boston, begins at $8 per month.



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