Martini's Glass Half Full Of Programmatic

Martini, an online ad network with a focus on reaching affluent audiences, on Tuesday announced that nearly 40% of its revenue in Q4 2013 was driven by programmatic advertising. What’s more, the company is expecting that figure to grow to over 50% in 2014.

Rather than simply riding the wave, Martini plans to make an intentional push in the programmatic space.

Part of the reason Martini expects to see more growth is because they recently launched a private programmatic marketplace. Additionally, the company intends to this year incorporate programmatic buying into its existing native ad platform.

Tom O’Regan, president of Martini, stated that the company is “realigning and growing” its sales leadership team to support a focus on programmatic. The company is hiring programmatic marketers, sellers, engineers and data scientists in all global regions.



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