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Tasty Travel Tips from TRUFFLE

I love traveling and the planning process leading up to a big trip. Visiting a bookstore (the few that still exist) to purchase travel books for my destination and hunkering down with a cup of coffee to bookmark all of the must-sees is a great weekend activity for me. Unfortunately I’ve been let down by more than a few travel books, not realizing until I'm at my destination that the author and their advice is not to my liking. I had a rather unfortunate Rick Steves' experience in Prague, so much so that whenever my husband and I have a bad travel encounter we jokingly label it as a Rick Steves recommendation.

But I think I've found the solution! Enter TRUFFLE Travel, a FREE digital travel app with a sexy design and amazing recommendations. It includes curated city guides, travel tips, a journal, a currency converter, local weather, and more.

Current guides include: London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. Since I’ve been living in NYC for quite a while, I thought I would put this app to the test and see what they recommended for shopping, dining and cocktails. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Places that took me years to discover were all listed, along with some other very interesting looking spots that I will be checking out ASAP.

TRUFFLE Travel gives tourists insights into the hippest restaurants, the chicest shops and hard-to-find hotspots much to the dismay of many locals I’m sure. The next time I have an out of town visitor looking for recommendations I will urge them to download this app.

The app will be adding the following city guides soon: Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney, Rio

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