Your Own Piece Of The Sky

App: Skrite
APPY Category: VR/AR
Developer: Skrite Labs, Inc.


With Skrite, an augmented reality social messaging app, a user can point a smartphone camera at the sky to create any form of content and save it in that portion of the sky which can be viewed at that very place or from any part of the world. The app also provides 3D animated stickers & filters for a perfect skywriting experience. Simply pick the place in the sky you want your message to appear, choose if you want the world to see your picture, or leave a private Skrite for your friends. The area of the sky that’s chosen by you is forever yours and you own that piece of the sky. People can interact with the Skrite by either commenting, leaving a message or liking it by tapping the bolt icon. Users can also leave messages in the form of hidden skrites, so only specific people can view them.

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