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  • A Discredit To His Place by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 08/01/2016)

    Regarding Paterno:

  • G.O.P. S.O.S. by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 07/11/2016)


  • Silence = Death by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 05/31/2016)

    @craig mcdaniel: First, let me make a suggestion: "a unbiase neutral press including columists" should be an unbiased neutral press including columnists A journalist's mission is to seek the truth and report or comment on it. To question is to seek truth. What is biased is the reporting on Trump that seems to take everything he says without so much as a "huh?" Where is our "Woodstein"? Trump is an ignoramus who has gotten this far due to our willingness to trade serious political discussions for bead and circuses. He is not qualified. He is not worthy. Dump The Drumph.

  • Blendle: A Viable Micropayment Solution For Online Publishers by Paolo Gaudiano (Publishing Insider on 03/31/2016)

    The Media Future Summit's Newsfeed of March 29 linked to Neiman Lab for the full list of US participants in this  test.The Media Future Summit is an exclusive gathering of top executives from throughout the media ecosystem seeking lasting business solutions to the reordering of the media economy. Founders are Bob Garfield, MediaPost and the Wharton Future of Advertising Program.

  • Brian Williams And The Fog Of Ratings War by (Mad Blog on 02/06/2015)

    Barbara, great take on the situation. Was he not there with an NBC crew? What did they have to say? This really is truthiness in action. Now, people are questioning his reporting of Katrina. Reminds me Aaron's speech in Broadcast News: "...He will be attractive! He'll be nice and helpful. He'll get a job where he influences a great God-fearing nation. He'll never do an evil thing! He'll never deliberately hurt a living thing... he will just bit by little bit lower our standards where they are important. Just a tiny little bit...."

  • The Latest Social Media Threads: Who Pulled Down The Jeans? by (Mad Blog on 12/04/2014)

    I wonder what Anna had to say about the campaign. Wang rarely makes a move without her advice.

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