Teach Your Children Well

App: ChorePal
APPY Category: Family/Parenting
Developer:  COUNTRY Financial/Solstice

Presented by COUNTRY Financial, ChorePal provides families a modern way to reward working together and saving to achieve goals. Parents can create and assign chores while rewarding kids for being responsible. As parents establish both  short- and long-term goals for their kids, they help to instill both the value of hard work as well as the basics of financial planning and what it means to save towards a specific goal. As kids complete chores and earn points or money towards their goals, they see in real time how their hard work translates to achieving their goals. ChorePal’s rewards system also helps show kids the difference between cashing in on short-term goals like additional screen time or a trip to the movies, and saving to achieve larger goals like a new bike or video game system. With thousands of users and over 200,000 chores completed since its launch, ChorePal is helping to instill the value of hard work and the importance of saving in the next generation.
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