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Persia loves cheeseburgers and a good party! @persia13

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  • My Fashion Week In 48 Hours in Just An Online Minute on 09/15/2014

    Fashion Week is all about the lovely clothes (of course!), the must-have accessories, the sky-high models, the front-row celebs, and the fabulous antics. It is the place to see and be seen for the glitterati, AND it is also a great place for brands to get their message out.

  • Thank You for the Music, Internet in Appy on 04/17/2014

    My obsession with music started early. It all began with a Fischer Price record player and Michael Jackson, progressed to a boombox where I wore out Greetings from Asbury Park (you could actually hear one side of the tape through the other!), evolved into the 10,000 Maniacs on my new cd player and then...the Internet happened! Can we please pause for a moment to remember the Napster that once was

  • The Travel App Locals Don't Want You To See in Appy on 04/10/2014

    Tasty Travel Tips from TRUFFLE I love traveling and the planning process leading up to a big trip. Visiting a bookstore (the few that still exist) to purchase travel books for my destination and hunkering down with a cup of coffee to bookmark all of the must-sees is a great weekend activity for me. Unfortunately I've been let down by more than a few travel books, not realizing until I'm at my destination that the author is not to my liking (in terms of their recommendations). I had a rather unfortunate Rick Steves experience in Prague, so much so that whenever my husband and I have a bad travel encounter we jokingly label it as a Rick Steves recommendation. But I think I've found the solution! Enter TRUFFLE Travel, a FREE digital travel app with a sexy design and amazing recommendations. It includes curated city guides, travel tips, a journal, a currency converter, local weather, and more.

  • Thinking of giving up on #selfies?  in Appy on 04/04/2014

    Thinking of giving up on #selfies? This app may change your mind! I just discovered CamMe - an amazing and FREE photography app that perfects the art of the selfie and highlights the evolution of app technology. CamMe recognizes hand gestures as cues to snapping the picture (arm length is no longer an issue!). To activate the camera, all you need to do is raise and close your hand. Simple. Your phone can be positioned from 12 inches to 12 feet away, perfect for the singleton selfie or a family photo. The app also includes fun features such as a photo booth film strip and a heart background. Paid features include a Mondrian style photo collage, as well as various photo frames.

  • Paintlist in Appy on 03/19/2014

    DJ Dutchboy - turns songs into color palettes Choosing paint colors is no easy task, believe me I know this! I chose a scheme that made my apartment look like a bad Christmas sweater. Enter the paintlist app from Dutch Boy(R) paints (available for iPhone and android). It takes songs from your playlist and turns them into a color palette. We all have favorite songs that make us feel amazing, now these can be translated into paint colors!

  • Alzheimer's & Other Dementias Daily Companion in Appy on 03/17/2014

    A sad but short story with a happy ending. Fifteen years ago, when I was still in high school, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. I was very close to her growing up and she was (and still is) a major influence in my life. The transition was traumatic for everyone, she went from her being a vibrant woman who could do anything to a small, frail, and confused person who lived in a waking nightmare of vivid hallucinations caused by dementia.

  • The Recommendeuer in Appy on 02/05/2014

    Wine education is no laughing matter. Except when it is. To create awareness for the fine roster of Washington Wine makers, GreenRubin (in partnership with the Washington State Wine Commission) created The Recommendeuer app, featuring Greg Proops from TV's Whose Line is it Anyway.

  • 7-Eleven in Appy on 02/03/2014

    I confess, I have a 7-Eleven addiction...while I consider myself somewhat of a foodie, living in New York City and all, I can't help but be drawn in by the donuts, breakfast sammies, anything on the roller grill and of course the classic Slurpee. Sometimes I need to cross to the opposite side of the street just to avoid its gravitational pull.

  • Foodler in Appy on 01/31/2014

    Move over Seamless, there's a new kid...errr app in town named Foodler! Available for iPhones and iPads, the food ordering and discovery app uses location data to find the best local restaurants and cuisines in 48 states and Canada. The app's payment process is quick and intuitive, offering users the ability to enter their credit card information via a photo of their credit card rather than manually entering their information line-by-line.

  • SheKnows Celebrates the Experts in New York City in Just An Online Minute on 10/25/2013

    Last night fall finally arrived and all that was beautiful, sparkly and smart gathered at the Astor Center in New York City to celebrate the launch of "Experts Among Us", a new influencer program from the online women's destination SheKnows. The influencer network is designed to give content producers a platform to share their passion via articles, recipes, how to's, and videos.

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